Become a Model!


    Are you ready to step into the spotlight and become the canvas for the next generation of aesthetic professionals? UKSKIN Academy is thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to individuals interested in becoming models for our prestigious facial aesthetic courses!

    As we embark on a journey of innovation and mastery in the field of non-surgical facial enhancements, we are seeking enthusiastic individuals who are eager to experience the transformative power of aesthetic treatments firsthand. This is a unique opportunity for you to be part of an educational process that shapes the skills of aspiring practitioners while enjoying the benefits of complimentary aesthetic procedures.

    Why Join Us?

    Complimentary Treatments:

    As a model for UKSKIN Academy, you’ll have the opportunity to receive complimentary aesthetic treatments under the careful guidance of our expert instructors. From dermal fillers, non surgical rhinoplasty to muscle relaxing injections, experience the latest techniques in a supportive and professional environment.

    Professional Guidance:

    Our courses are led by industry-leading instructors with extensive experience in facial aesthetics. You’ll be in the hands of experts who are committed to ensuring a safe, comfortable, and transformative experience.

    Exclusive Access:

    Become part of a community of models to receive on-going exclusive discounts and support long term. This will ensure you not only achieve a good result but you will be able to maintain it.

    Confidence and Empowerment:

    Joining us as a model isn’t just about the aesthetic enhancements – it’s about embracing your confidence and empowering others through the educational process. Be part of a movement that celebrates the beauty of individuality.